(as of 04/30/24)

Fund MTD QTD YTD 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year Inception to Date* 2022 2023
PEF Class I Shares-1.18%-1.18%-0.34%7.40%7.39%9.33%9.19%-1.70%10.38%
MSCI All Country World Index-3.30%-3.30%4.63%17.46%4.26%9.43%10.51%-18.36%22.20%
S&P 500 Index-4.08%-4.08%6.04%22.66%8.06%13.18%13.99%-18.11%26.29%

The performance data quoted represents past performance. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted above. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that investor's shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. For performance information current to the most recent month-end, please call toll-free (855) 897-5390.

The index is shown for informational purposes only and is not reflective of any investment. An investor cannot invest directly in an index. Indices do not include fees or operating expenses and are not available for actual investment. They are unmanaged and shown for illustrative purposes only. For index descriptions and risks see the Glossary at the end of this presentation. Indices are shown for informational purposes only. The Funds management fee is 1.20%. The Funds other operating expenses are estimated to be 0.79% for the Class A Share, 0.79% for the Class I Share, 0.79% for the Class II Share, and 0.80% for the Class L Share as of Funds fiscal year ended 3/31/2023. The Fund’s Advisor has contractually allowed to waive management fees and make payments to limit Fund expenses until July 31, 2024. The Funds Total annual expenses after fee and expense reimbursement/ recoupment is estimated to be 4.76% for the Class A Share, 4.15% for the Class I Share, 4.45% for Class II Shares, and 5.02% for the Class L Share as of Funds fiscal year ended 3/31/2023. The fee waiver and expense reimbursement are subject to possible recoupment from the Fund in future years. Underlying funds generally charge a 1%-2% management fee and approximately 20% of net realized profits as a carried interest allocation. The Fund bears underlying management fees, expenses and carried interest, incentive fees or allocations based on performance. See the Funds Prospectus for more details on the Funds expenses. *Private Equity performance numbers may lag up to two months* The Inception Date for Class I shares was 5/13/2016. Performance figures shown for the Fund are net of all fees and expenses.

Historical Fund Performance

Class I Jan-16 Feb-16 Mar-16 Apr-16 May-16 Jun-16 Jul-16 Aug-16 Sep-16 Oct-16 Nov-16 Dec-16 2016*
PEF Class I----0.56%0.33%1.09%1.51%1.19%0.07%0.48%0.14%5.48%
MSCI ACWI----0.13%-0.61%4.31%0.34%0.61%-1.70%0.76%2.16%5.91%
S&P 500----1.80%0.26%3.69%0.14%0.02%-1.82%3.70%1.98%8.10%
Class I Jan-17 Feb-17 Mar-17 Apr-17 May-17 Jun-17 Jul-17 Aug-17 Sep-17 Oct-17 Nov-17 Dec-17 2017
PEF Class I0.84%0.90%0.52%0.60%0.56%1.61%0.93%0.96%0.25%0.53%0.82%3.52%12.68%
MSCI ACWI2.73%2.81%1.22%1.56%2.21%0.45%2.79%0.38%1.93%2.08%1.94%1.61%23.97%
S&P 5001.90%3.97%0.12%1.03%1.41%0.62%2.06%0.31%2.06%2.33%3.07%1.11%21.83%
Class I Jan-18 Feb-18 Mar-18 Apr-18 May-18 Jun-18 Jul-18 Aug-18 Sep-18 Oct-18 Nov-18 Dec-18 2018
PEF Class I0.14%-0.71%0.05%0.65%0.97%2.01%1.51%0.42%1.67%-0.65%-0.48%-2.01%3.56%
MSCI ACWI5.64%-4.20%-2.14%0.95%0.12%-0.54%3.02%0.79%0.44%-7.49%1.46%-7.04%-9.41%
S&P 5005.73%-3.69%-2.54%0.38%2.41%0.62%3.72%3.26%0.57%-6.84%2.04%-9.03%-4.38%
Class I Jan-19 Feb-19 Mar-19 Apr-19 May-19 Jun-19 Jul-19 Aug-19 Sep-19 Oct-19 Nov-19 Dec-19 2019
PEF Class I1.30%0.96%1.63%0.75%0.25%0.20%0.37%-0.37%0.03%0.21%0.66%0.15%6.29%
MSCI ACWI7.90%2.67%1.26%3.38%-5.93%6.55%0.29%-2.37%2.10%2.74%2.44%3.52%26.60%
S&P 5008.01%3.21%1.94%4.05%-6.35%7.05%1.44%-1.58%1.87%2.17%3.63%3.02%31.49%
Class I Jan-20 Feb-20 Mar-20 Apr-20 May-20 Jun-20 Jul-20 Aug-20 Sep-20 Oct-20 Nov-20 Dec-20 2020
PEF Class I0.45%-0.16%-7.73%0.23%1.13%5.74%0.83%2.03%3.73%0.95%4.68%2.06%14.14%
MSCI ACWI-1.10%-8.08%-13.50%10.71%4.35%3.20%5.29%6.12%-3.22%-2.43%12.33%4.64%16.25%
S&P 500-0.04%-8.23%-12.35%12.82%4.76%1.99%5.64%7.19%-3.80%-2.66%10.95%3.84%18.40%
Class I Jan-21 Feb-21 Mar-21 Apr-21 May-21 Jun-21 Jul-21 Aug-21 Sep-21 Oct-21 Nov-21 Dec-21 2021
PEF Class I0.92%2.03%4.97%0.77%0.74%6.60%-0.25%-0.71%3.92%2.48%-0.60%1.75%24.79%
MSCI ACWI-0.45%2.32%2.67%4.37%1.56%1.32%0.69%2.50%-4.13%5.10%-2.41%4.00%18.54%
S&P 500-1.01%2.76%4.38%5.34%0.70%2.33%2.38%3.04%-4.65%7.01%-0.69%4.48%28.71%
Class I Jan-22 Feb-22 Mar-22 Apr-22 May-22 Jun-22 Jul-22 Aug-22 Sep-22 Oct-22 Nov-22 Dec-22 2022 YTD
PEF Class I-1.87%-0.31%3.80%-4.22%-0.30%-0.81%5.13%-0.55%-2.89%2.19%0.98%-2.47%-1.70%
MSCI ACWI-4.91%-2.58%2.17%-8.00%0.12%-8.43%6.98%-3.68%-9.57%6.03%7.76%-3.94%-18.36%
S&P 500-5.17%-2.99%3.71%-8.72%0.18%-8.25%9.22%-4.08%-9.21%8.10%5.59%-5.76%-18.11%
Class I Jan-23 Feb-23 Mar-23 Apr-23 May-23 Jun-23 Jul-23 Aug-23 Sep-23 Oct-23 Nov-23 Dec-23 2023 YTD
PEF Class I1.86%-0.04%-0.20%0.80%0.64%2.21%1.43%0.14%-0.29%-0.34%4.13%-0.34%10.38%
MSCI ACWI6.28%-2.87%3.08%1.44%-1.07%5.81%3.66%-2.79%-4.14%-3.01%9.23%4.80%22.20%
S&P 5007.17%-2.44%3.67%1.56%0.43%6.61%3.21%-1.59%-4.77%-2.10%9.13%4.54%26.29%
Class I Jan-24 Feb-24 Mar-24 Apr-24 May-24 Jun-24 Jul-24 Aug-24 Sep-24 Oct-24 Nov-24 Dec-24 2024 YTD
PEF Class I-0.68%1.75%-0.21%-1.18%---------0.34%
MSCI ACWI0.59%4.29%3.14%-3.30%--------4.63%
S&P 5001.68%5.34%3.22%-4.08%--------6.04%

*Calculated on an annualized basis. The Index is shown for informational purposes only and is not reflective of any investment. An investor cannot invest directly in an index. Indices do not include fees or operating expenses and are not available for actual investment. They are unmanaged and shown for illustrative purposes only. For index descriptions and risk see the Glossary. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

1 Source: MSCI All Country World Index, 04/30/2024 Bloomberg, L.P.

2 Source: Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, 04/30/2024 Bloomberg, L.P.

Fund Holdings

(as of 04/30/24)

Fund Name % of PEF1
Apollo Hybrid Value Fund L.P.12.8%
Warburg Pincus Global Growth L.P.11.1%
TPG Partners VIII L.P.8.4%
Nuveen Churchill Direct Lending Corp.6.5%
Mount Yale Private Equity Fund Investment Partners, L.P.5.6%
TPG Healthcare Partners L.P.5.1%
Carlyle Partners Fund VIll4.7%
Bain Capital Special Situations Asia L.P.4.0%
Silver Lake Alpine II, L.P.3.6%
KKR Asian Fund III L.P.3.6%
KKR North America Fund XI L.P.3.2%
KKR European Fund V (USD) SCSp3.0%
Ellington Private Opportunities Partners II L.P.2.8%
Carlyle Direct Alternatives Fund ll2.7%
TPG Partners IX, L.P.2.6%
Blackstone Partners VIlI LP.2.5%
Ellington Private Opportunities Partners III L.P.2.3%
KKR North America Fund XIII SCSp2.3%
KKR Americas Fund XII L.P.2.3%
Silver Lake Partners VII2.1%
Ellington Mortgage Recovery Partners II, L.P.2.0%
Apollo Investment Fund X, L.P.1.8%
KKR Indigo Equity Partners A L.P.1.8%
Warburg Pincus Global Growth 14 L.P.1.7%
Bridge Debt Strategies Fund II L.P.0.7%
Hellman & Friedman Capital Partners X0.3%
Guggenheim Private Debt Fund0.3%
Mount Yale Private Equity Fund L.P.0.1%

1. The Fund holdings of PEF are calculated as net asset value of the total underlying Private Equity and Private Debt Funds. Excludes uncommitted cash, cash equivalents and the liquidity portfolio, which may be substantial. There is no guarantee that this investment strategy will achieve its objectives, goals, generate positive returns or avoid losses.